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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Decibelle - "I won this round!"
Decibelle needs to learn that dominating the stone dog is a good way to prove she is Very Important. Janet
Alas, dominating the stone dog is as far as she gets in the domination stakes.
But Decibelle doesn`t really want to dominate. She just wants to eat everyone else`s food as well as her own. A simple wish that keeps being thwarted....
That is also the wish of my mini dachsund. He wants my food also. The little menace has ended up wearing the mesh muzzle for a few minutes more than once for that. His other hobby is trying to tip over the dog food bin so he can try to have another trip to the vet for excess food intake. Little Stinker. Have avoided the bloat, thank goodness. My vet is about a mile away, conveniently, but it still costs a lot of money. Janet
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