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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


An update on the arm, for all of you kind people who have inquired after my health.

The red balloon symptoms went, but when the bite was inspected on Monday, reamrkable amounts of evil green stuff were still coming out,and the swelling was returning. Test results showed it had been the wrong antibiotic. I now have a much stronger one, which I was assured "will make you feel really seedy"....just what I wanted to hear.

I am told to take it easy, absolutely my favourite medical advice. At the moment we have lovely sunny warm weather for doing just that.

Nevertheless, I am missing my shows, and hope by the end of the week to see some progress and feel less as though I have been sat on by a weary elephant.
Ow Elizabeth, sounds really painful! What with Decibelle and now Truly, it sounds like you might have some anger management issues. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
PS Are you sure it was Truly? She looks like an angel. Must have been the other dog.

Ann and Plato
I hope this anti-b lives up to the promise of being the "right" one, but not the "seedy" one and that the arm heals up quickly now and returns you to full health and dog shows.
Evil green stuff sounds really nasty. I hope the new antibiotic does the trick and that you are not feeling too seedy. Take care.
It beggars belief that the hospital could've given you the "wrong" antibiotic! Hopefully the right one will work quickly with minimal side effects on you. Take care!
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