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Sunday, July 31, 2011


....Tuesday night actually. I was just going to bed when Solitaire indicated that her time had come, and after a whole sleepless night, during which she had a long rest in the middle, by 7am on Wednesday she again had a family.

All without incident except for one of the boys, who came out "double wrapped", and was not inclined, when unwrapped, to start breathing. I had read that there is an acupuncture point, just at the bottom of the nose, where it meets the top lip, which will stimulate breathing when activated.

I had no acupuncture needles. By the time I had sterilised an ordinary needle, he would be gone.

I have long nails, and the one on the left little finger comes to a point. I jabbed the sharp fingernail into the acupuncture point. He gave a great gasp, and breathed, and he is still breathing.

All well so far. Solitaire is well pleased with herself, and the puppies are thriving. The little girl, born smaller than her brothers, is catching them up, pushing them about, and bids fair to be a holy terror when she is older.

Meanwhile, all is quiet.

Just wait till they are up and running......
Congratulations all round on the new arrivals! Meanwhile, how is the arm?
Congratulations Solitaire! Three sounds enough to keep her busy, instead of the potential four or more. I hope your arm is doing better and the nasty green stuff is gone. Janet. b
Oh, congratulations! They're so precious!
Solitaire thanks everyone for their congratulations....after all, she says, they are the best puppies ever!

As to my arm, I will be seeing the doctor tomorrow, and I hope that will be the last of the antibiotics, which make me feel totally washed out, and upset my stomach dreadfully. This is one occasion on which it is definitely not fashionable to be green!
Congratulations on your quick thinking to save the pup! How did Solitare enjoy her ice cream? Have you named them as yet?
Well, I had never used that method before. I try to have Dopram on hand, but the vet forgot to get it in for me. So I was amazed when the fingernail worked!

Yes, Solitaire did not have to be asked twice about the ice cream!

As to names, they will come as they grow.
Quick thinking on your part! In my experience, many acupuncture points can be stimulated by almost any pressure: fingernail, fingertip, pencil eraser etc. The vet I take my oldsters to for treatments often uses a cold laser, so it seems one doesn't have to worry about using a needle.
My word verification: deflatte. Def: when the foam on your latte goes flat. :-)
What is a cold laser?
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