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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Solitaire has been scanned, and is definitely in the pudding club again.

She had visited a young dog, but he was very friendly to me, while quite ignoring her. But her next choice, handsome and more mature, made her an offer she couldn`t refuse (and after a few minutes, had no intention of refusing.) I realised that the young dog probably loves Barbra Streisand, his ringtone is YMCA, and his handbag a perky shade of pink...

So here we go again. She is quiet, large and obviously thinking deep thoughts.

It`s as well she didn`t hear what the scanner said.....

"At least four..."
COWABUNGA! Is Solitaire big enough to carry four to term? I don't know how many puppies Papillions usually have at a time. Janet
Well yes, Papillons can have 4. They can have more, but I feel that more than 5 are a bit of a strain on the mother, so I`m hoping that 4 will be the limit.

If Solitaire knows, she isn`t telling...
Congratulations Solitaire. Looking forward to following developments. Hope lots of puppy pics are posted. Plato was one of 6 and his 1/2 sister was one of 5.
Ann and Plato
Don`t worry, I will keep everyone informed. Solitaire has been informed that having more than four would be just plain vulgar....not to mention a lot of hard work.
Vulgar? Paps being vulgar...never!!! Even when screaming like fish wives they manage to do it with style and class. :-)
Eagerly awaiting the updates.
Ann and Plato
You will remember the seven pups my Kathryn had with no prior warning, no scans in those days!Not satisfied with frightening me half to death she did it again 2 years later!All healthy all reared and herself back in the ring winning!I aged 10 years!Im not trying to scare you, honestly!L
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