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Saturday, January 02, 2010


The new frozen year trails on.

Permanent snow cover, permanently snowed in road. The postman gave up after the second time he got stuck and hasn`t been seen since. There is no hope of a refuse collection, and I am plannning a great rubbish burning tomorrow, somewhere in the drifts. When I have done that, I will have a jolly hour chopping frozen coal.

My access up the very steep hill at my road end is on a road belonging to the Water Treatment Plant, and usually they keep it clear. But on the 30th they went on to Basic Maintenance, and gave up on it. Alas, maintenance requires maintainers, and 3 were sent down to the riverside in 3 little vans....and they couldn`t get back up again. My good neighbour got out his tractor and even that wouldn`t shift them on a 45 degree slope like glass. I think the vans are still there.

Meanwhile, that`s my only way out, on foot of course. I have been out three times in the holiday season, and each time the return has been more and more like the Winter Olympics. Not sure whether the one in the blizzard in the dark or the one on sheet ice in the dark was the worst - then there was the one when I startled the deer who live in the wood halfway along my little road and they all rushed out at me in the drifts......

No, only main roads are cleared here. I just have to sit this out until the weather lifts.

The dogs love it.

I will never understand dogs.
We'll just keep our fingers crossed for you that you don't lose electricity supply. That really would be the last straw. Our paps must be related to yours - we have the original snow swimming pap, or alternatively furry ice ball, whichever you fancy. If you don't get going with the comb quickly it is difficult to differentiate between puddles and p*ddles! Happy New Year.
I love snow (in pictures). In practice, however, not so much. So I totally sympathize!
I hope that it clears for you soon, and in the meantime that you have plenty of food for yourself and the dogs!
Stay warm, we'll send good thoughts...
Is this much snow & ice normal for your area?
Oh dear. Walk carefully so you don't fall.

The dogs will enjoy it until you have to start rationing snacks.

At that point, I picture them forming a little tiny dog sled team...
Now that it is Friday the 8th, has the thaw started yet? Do you have snowshoes or those "spikes" that you can attach over your shoes/boots? I hope that you have not slipped or fallen!
My Papillon Lee Roy becomes a "poor broken doggie" as soon as I put a jacket on him, so I doubt that he would be a snow fan. My Dachschund Wilbur, doesn't mind a jacket, but would refuse to move once his tummy got chilly. Wilbur is a trim little hot dog, but has "male pattern hot dog baldness" and only clears the ground by one inch, so I can't blame him for not liking wet cold weather. Thank goodness I live near San Francisco CA and it almost never snows! Take care, and stay warm. Janet.
Hope the weather has improved a bit for you by now and that you are not having too many problems coping - just don't do anything rash and injure yourself.
I hope the weather will be better soon. Your dog is so cute.
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