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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well, I am struggling with a lot of snow and a dreadful cold and Ella. The latter has informed me that little Chinladies are NEVER groomed, and NEVER pemit a collar or showlead to touch their delicate necks. Battle has commenced.

The war of the brush and comb is certainly going my way, and grooming is done, punctuated by Chin warbles of outrage and a lot of squirming. Alas, a thick cover of snow makes it hard to deal with the other problem at the moment. But the strong will prevail - and that`s me. She has had a great deal of practice in perfecting Cute, and expects to get everything from one glance of those big astonished eyes.

Well, quite often it works.

Apart from that, a white Christmas looks inevitable, and I prefer those on cards. And when I look at those snowscene cards, I am amazed that they never show anyone clearing paths to the gate, looking out bits of old carpet to put under the wheels of stuck cars, (I think I am cut off from anything on wheels at the moment), and (very festive this) chopping frozen coal with a hammer and a lot of curses.

Meanwhile, I`m off back to bed.

Merry whatsit!
........ and to you too. I'm glad you have retained your sense of humour!
A very, very Merry Christmas and a wonderful (and healthy!) New Year to you!

Ella is adorable! Sometimes I find that the brattiest puppies (or perhaps the ones with the greatest self esteem) turn out the best! I'll bet Ella will bring a lot of joy to you.

And we are having a White Christmas here in Texas! First time in 80 years they said on the news. It's gorgeous, and I am enjoying it - but I do see your point and maybe if we had it all the time it wouldn't be such a treat.
Well you are welcome to a white Christmas! I have a long road with no vehicle access and no thaw in sight and I am heartily sick of it. I missed my annual Boxing Day family get-together because of it...apart from that, all is well.

Glad you are enjoying your Christmas!
Hope the freezer was well stocked up and plenty of dog food in the house! We'll be glad when life returns to what passes for normal in our house too. Roll on flaming June, or even not-so-flaming April!
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