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Monday, November 16, 2009


Is Velvet missing her sister? Well, only for a few hours. Allegra`s attitude was "one down, one to go."

But Velvet is staying. She is now very confident and engaging, and very spoiled indeed. And if I am not around to do the spoiling, there is always her mother and Auntie Solitaire...... who is very long-suffering. She is at present going through the adolescent ugly phase, when most Papillon bitch puppies should just have a paper bag with eyeholes popped over them when in public.

But she will come through that.

And I am very hopeful. As always.
Good lord, those ears are precious!
I'm so very glad Blanche found a good home, despite her parents. Wanted to let you know I'm breathing again. I've decided not to have pneumonia again for at least another five years. Hope you're well.
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