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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, she has arrived. Ella is my personal Christmas present to me - don`t ask how much, and don`t tell my bank manager either.

Another flatface - well, the Paps just see her as a little girl who may be young enough to yet recover from the nasty accident to her face. She is as bold as brass, and won over Velvet`s jealousy - no longer my only little girl - by insisting on playing. She has also played relentlessly with the tearaway Truly toddler, now known as Flair, actually tiring her out, and thereby winning a vote of thanks from her mother, who has been reduced to taking refuge on chairs her loud demanding offspring can`t quite reach ....yet.

Flair, alas, has inherited her father`s voice, the one thing everyone who uses him at stud prays he will not pass on. She is a foursquare fat pushy item, constantly demanding attention in a strange rusty bark which startles adults, but which, alas, I recognise only too well.

Ella, on the other hand, is exactly as impossibly cute and cuddly as she looks.
What a lovely little girl, Elizabeth. I wish you every success in the ring with her. Has Shelby offered you an opinion on the little interloper yet, or is he reserving judgement?
Shelby and Ella have exchanged proponged Chin stares. I think he would have preferred his Christmas present in full season.....
I meant prolonged of course!
New Chin! =D

Are becoming a Chin convert, do you think?
I think you should change "Ella" to "Bella"!
Welcome to adorable Ella. Look forward to reading of your adventures.
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