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Saturday, December 05, 2009


A quiet time, winding down to the end of the year and my usual seasonal eating binge as I wend my way round a succession of relatives who are much more competent in the festive kitchen than I am. LKA, Christmas and Boxing Day loom large, with the only cloud on the horizon an all day power outage promised on the 9th, when I will be seeking somewhere warm.

Truly`s daughter grows and grows. She had a good start and made the most of an unlimited milk supply. One visitor looking in on mother and enormous daughter commented that "the cuckoo certainly laid in that nest....possibly a Pyrenean one" Truly, who knew better, stared back smugly. The puppy gazed up through rolls of fat, a witness to the awesome potential of a milk diet. Her growth will soon throttle back when mother`s supply dries up and she actually has to depend on food.

Christmas came early for Solitaire....well, she might not see it that way. This time her visit to a dog was successful - well, eventually. She enjoyed all his tentative attempts, obviously thinking this sex game was really fun. Then the great event actually happened.

She was appalled. This was nothing like the romantic vision she had been cherishing. (I shoud never have allowed her to read all that Mills and Boon). She rolled her eyes at all those humans who had betrayed her into this situation, and screamed abuse at the unfortunate male, who was totally puzzled, having quite enjoyed himself. (Any of you out there thinking "how like life", please keep your experiences to yourself as I feel far too fragile these days for Too Much Information).

If all went well, January should give her something else to worry about altogether......
Fingers crossed all went well. Who was the lucky (plucky?) fellow!
What is LKA?
LKA stands for Ladies Kennel Association, yet another show.

Solitaire`s husband is still recovering from the ordeal, and is in complete seclusion.
LMAO @ 'all that Mills and Boon'. The total sex manual for all of us born in a more innocent age. Surprisingly (perhaps not) what I learnt (or didn't) from M & B stories had no connection to reality. Poor Solitaire - what a shock to the system. But! Puppies!!!!? Oh, more cuteness to die for. Wish I still lived in Scotland. Do you know how Blanche is? I loved her, white face and all.
Blanche is well and enjoying her new life.
Poor Solitaire! She was all for it until it happened! Then she was outraged and betrayed, and it took two of us to hold her and calm her down. I can only hope the result (if there is one) will make up for it.
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