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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Blanche, despite the efforts of her mother, has found a lovely new home.

I had been contacted by a lady in a remote little hamlet away to the south - the sort of place that was known as a one horse town until the horse died - and a country life is always good for a Papillon. So yesterday off we went.

I had decided to take Blanche and her parents, to give some idea of what she might grow up to be. Blanche has taken strongly after her father, so Merlin went too. I just hoped he would behave. Mother Allegra, I thought, would be friendly and lively (if bald), and would charm everyone.

Blanche`s prospective owners had just built a new house at one end of the village. In we went, and Blanche behaved beautifully. She projected a quiet and charming image.

Merlin was brought out, and played the perfect gentleman, happy and affectionate to everyone, willing to be picked up and cuddled by strangers and without even a twitch of a hind leg as he walked past the new furniture.

Allegra came barrelling out, hyper (she had hoped the bath meant a show) and rattled around,, engaging her daughter in very physical play and generally giving an impression of Daffy Duck on speed. As the prospective owners watched open mouthed, she gradually slowed down, and eventually strolled casually into the new dining room, where she indulged in a Brad Pitt right in the middle of the rug.

I could have died. What can you say? My friend rushed to clear it up, the owner said the rug was washable and then the conversation spiralled into a black hole. As it would.

Somehow we picked things up, changed the subject, and eventually it was agreed that they would have Blanche, despite the efforts of her mother to gum things up. Blanche was perfectly happy to stay....possibly thinking that at last she would be free of her embarrassing mother.

Allegra came home obviously very pleased with herself. Clearly she and she alone had persuaded these good people to take her daughter. Velvet did not look for her sister, but seemed a little lost.....

And ended up sleeping on the bed. Where she will probably stay.
I do love the alliteration - must remember that one! Jimmy Lee, yes, and we get quite a few of those, but Brad Pitt - truly modern! Glad little Blanche has landed on her feet.
I love rhyming slang, and Scotland has its own, but I think Brad Pitt is universal at the moment.

I wonder if he knows.....?
I'm so pleased that Blanche found a happy home.
She will spend her summers caravanning all over Europe on a pet passport - better summer holidays than I`ll have.
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