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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Still recovering from a show at the weekend in darkest south England - no, the show was fine, but the twelve hours heading home in a smoke-filled bus as we trundled through endless traffic jams on the M25, M4 and M6 with me wiggling my legs endlessly to avoid deep vein thrombosis have really done for me.

The show was good and the weather warm. Even the hornets didn`t bother me. I sat at the ringside beside someone.....well, let`s just say some one I`d wish hornets on, and tried to do just that. However, my best efforts of mind over insect only succeeded in driving one to drown in the guy`s beer. I think he drank it. I do hope so.

Marcus and Allegra won, in their different ways. Marcus stands with head held high, gazing into the distance in a really intellectual way - actually he`s sniffing out the nearest female and calculating how quickly he could get there and how overjoyed she would be. Allegra tries hard never to be seen with more than one foot on the ground at any one time.

And of course, after the show and the travel they just bounce back. How do they do it? Would they teach me the secret?

I`m on the bus again this weekend.......
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