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Sunday, August 06, 2006

We went up to Glasgow on the tram.... Posted by Picasa
Great picture, it's now my desktop!!!

Love your story too!

YOu wouldn`t believe the trouble I had getting a picture of a 1950`s Glasgow street scene with a tram !
The colours are fantastic!! Where did the 29 go to? Can you make out the route?

As far as I remember, the terminus for the 29 was Maryhill. I remember Fred Hill, the shop in the picture - it was, I think, the first discount jeweller in the city.
Oh, and the green and yellow livery was at that time standard for Glasgow trams and buses - hence the old joke about "what` s green and yellow and comes in bunches?" becuase they tneded to turn up all at once after a long wait.
The older trams were colour coded, with a different side colour for each route - in case you didn`t read too well.
I really like the simplicity of that name "Fred Hill"!!

So public transport is the same everywhere in the world!! Either there's none or 3 at the same time!!!
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