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Sunday, July 30, 2006

It would have to involve quite a few dogs.... Posted by Picasa
Wow, a cascade of dogs! :)

Hooray, you're back! With a brand new laptop, it would seem. Looking forward to lots more posts, Elizabeth! :)
Good god, woman, are those all yours? They're lovely, but ... well. That's rather a lot.
Oh, um, and welcome back. I'm so rude I didn't even say that first.
Thanks, both of you - looks like I`m at it again.
And yes, that`s my gang. From 6 months to fifteen years old.
There are of course four cats as well....
And little Shelby right at the back!! He he, just imagining the burgular's face when he comes up to ALL those dogs!!!

Their lovely, all of them. Welcome back. I missed having a "sane" blog to read. Cheers!
What about a blog telling us how on earth you got started with all the doggins in the first place. I'm sure it would make interesting reading, especially in your style of dry humour. There must be quite a story behind all those lovely heroes.
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