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Friday, August 18, 2006


A bit fed up with the dog show scene these days.

The dog in the picture is Shelby`s dad. A charming little dog who has been doing quite well in the ring recently.

So at his last show someone poisoned him.

He lived, but with liver damage. It is not known if he will recover fully.

I can`t believe that anyone would take what is, after all, a hobby seriously enough to do that. Poisoning, bent judges, bought judges - I`m pretty sick of it all this year
Just a short time ago I was watching a show on PBS about show cattle. One bovine owner/shower mentioned that for fear of sabotage, poisoning, etc. that he never leaves his livestock unattended at shows. He's got someone with his cows 24/7 at a show.

Sad to say but I guess the dog show business is the same way. Apparently it's not just a hobby but a "win-at-all-costs" endeavor.
That's horrifying. Utterly horrifying. I'm so sorry (yes, I know he's not your dog but I'm still horribly sorry).
How anyone can feel that winning a piece of coloured paper from another human being is worth the life of a dog is beyond me!Now poisoning bent judges, thats another whole different issue!LP
I'm not surprised you are a bit fed up with the dog show scene if that is what is happening. As someone who enjoys dogs without 'showing' I can understand those who like to 'show' for fun and I can even understand the desire to win but not at those costs. Is it because the winners can make large sums of money? If so the governing bodies need to take action now before it gets worse. There is enough animal cruelty due to neglect without resorting to poisoning the pampered!
I hope that someone, somewhere knows who did this and spills the beans. The perpetrator deserves to be prosecuted and banned from having dogs for life.
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