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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Yet again I was in the local Health Centre, this time with an infected insect bite, which resembled Mt Vesuvius in full eruption. The doctor looked at it, uttered the diagnosis "That`s horrible!", and sent me over, with a hefty antibiotic prescription, to have it dressed.

After a mere two hours, I was seen by a little grey-haired nurse, who applied a soft dressing and then began to bandage my foot. She bandaged and bandaged, on and on, and I could see that it would take a size 12 to fit the white monstrosity my foot had now become. I could imagine just what her role had been in a previous life, under the Pharaohs....

In the hope of stopping the endless flow of material, I complimented her on her skill with bandages.

"Yes, she said, "those young nurses just aren`t taught these things any more. There`s a certain knack to bandages."

She stared at my foot thoughtfully.

"Mind you, the one thing I was never so good at bandaging was stumps....."

I got out of there as quickly as I could.

I go back tomorrow.

I hope I come out with both feet.....
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