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Saturday, August 12, 2006


...I can` t think why, but I looked at all those pictures of people queueing for their flights, clutching their little transparent plastic bags, and somehow I thought of you.

After all, it`s your doing. Your foreign policy choices have made us one of the top terrorist targets.

And I`ve no idea why. I just can`t get inside your head.

It`s the 50th anniversary of Suez (another disastrous British foray into the Middle East), and it`s notable for being the point at which the Special Relationship first showed its teeth. America then threatened the UK with financial meltdown - no credit, a run on the pound - if we didn`t back down. Are you secretly under that kind of pressure, Tony?

And if not, what the hell are you up to? Why are we Israel`s second most staunch ally in a war in which we should have no involvement at all? Like many of us, I feel that this country should have no committment to either side in this conflict. It shouldn`t be our war. And yet we are busy helping to ferry arms from America to Israel. Why? Do you really see any moral position, or realpolitik advantage for us here?

Is it just that trailing after George makes you feel so important? Or as someone suggested to me yesterday, that George will "see you all right" when you eventually go - and you keep putting that off too - that he might see you as a convenient replacement for Kofi Annan. ( Why does that make me feel slightly queasy?)

No I can`t figure you out. What I can figure out is that there`s a lot more terrorist activity to come here. You`re lucky to be out of it.

Enjoy your holiday.
With any luck the yacht hes on will sink!Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burned!Useless bampot!from LP
Because if someone does not stand up and back Israel, ( why should they take being attacked time after time and not retaliate? ) Then once the extremists have taken over there, then they will move on to try take the world, country by country as they want to convert the world to their extremist laws and ways. ( I can just see you wanting to live by their ways with your strong views...not being able to speak up, having to cover yourself up and walk behind men lol) Were you one of these people that thought that the people should have sat by and let hitler wipe out anyone who did not think in the same way as he did?

So Yes TB is in general a nasty little bug, who saps the strength from our countries economy and those that need it most and yes he is hard to get rid of, ( much like the real virus lol ) but at least he is not totally stupid and can see something needs doing regarding the arab extremists before they take over and or at the very least cause more damage and problems for us/the united states and Europe...... and that's even if under the pretense of tolerance he was one of the idiots that has allowed these extremists to get a hold in the first place and not stamp on those that are sapping our system dry by giving them a free ride..... instead of giving money and supporting those that really need it more......... and sending them back to live in their own country if they dont like how we live, making sure our countries protection should be more of a priority.

However Regardless of mistakes he made and will keep making no doubt (as most labour supporters would lol) and the fact he should have taken a harder stance on this, at least he had the courage to be seen to try stand his ground for once. I for one hope if he is not going to let it go so easily, then we can stand united and strong against those that need to be stopped before another holocaust or worse happens.
Israel is not being invaded by HItler. It`s so sad and cheap to throw magic emotive words like "Hitler" and "holocaust" around and think you`ve won an argument.
The truth is that Israel can take care of herself, and has been doing so since 1945. There has never been any danger of the state of Israel being overwhelmed by anything. Terrorist opposition is fragmented and although hard to stamp out, does not constitute invasion by a dangerous lunatic.

I detest Islamists, and all terrorists are vermin, but open support for Israel at this moment only fuels their worldwide organisations, and wins them more converts. It certainly won`t stamp out Islamism. As I said, it`s not our war.

And I agree, Tony has no idea what to do about the rise of Islamist fervour in gullible young male Moslems in this country. His usual response to difficult problems is to go abroad and stay there as long as possible.....and that seems to be just what he`s doing
Its not sad or cheap at all to mention the holocaust, please do not insult the 6 million jews and 6 million + other people that died because many, like you, wrongly and sadly thought that it could not happen. If a single man could rally his country to do what he did, what what do you think is/could be possible from several islamist states who feel the same hatred ??? many of whom openly hide their leading figures, military equipment and documents etc... amongst innocent civilans, who treat their women like animals and who don't hide their want to take over the world and think its acceptable and normal behaviours.......

Whilist in theory, I agree on a certain level with you on most of what you say, In practice, having lived there, sat in a dining room while bombs flew over the borders and shook the place( at a supposed peaceful time) and having close family living there at present I know what I am talking about. Believe me things happen in no time at all and there is no time for regrets, though no doubt for TB he will be off having a relaxing holiday, maybe we should send him to holiday in Israel at a discounted price, its beautiful there really. lol
Now there you go again! It`s called argumentum ad hominem in rhetoric - you insult the person you`re arguing with because you can`t find a good argument to put up against them.

I think I`m older than you. I`m old enough to have known well three psople who survived the camps, and one man who as a young soldier went in with the "liberation" squads to Bergen Belsen. Don`t DARE call me a holocaust denier! And never use the word lightly - that seems to be a problem for you.

Again, there is NO holocaust in the Middle East. What there is - well, two insoluble problems.

First there is a long-running territorial dispute. Too obvious to detail.

Secondly, the opponent of Israel is a wide-ranging guerrilla force, not a national offensive, which would be easier to confront. Just ask the Americans about that problem - they never found an answer to it in Vietnam

You can`t even try to force the Lebanese government to eradicate Hizbollah - it`s a weak one, and has no power over it. So where do you go?

I guess you just go on as it is. And no, neither Israel nor Lebanon is a good place to live just now.

And yes, I would LOVE to see Tony somewhere near the front line!
There is a good debate.....admittedly in theory you mention some good points,its just that things arent that simple and you have not lived there to really and truly see what its like from a 1st hand perspective. I have, My family have, I almost joined the IDF, I felt so strongly, my only regret is that I did not before circumstances changed.

Still not quite sure what age has to do with anything, many of us are old enough to have known survivors first hand. Its not something that should ever be forgotten, people need to keep their eyes open to try stop it happening again. No one would have thought it could have happened in the 1st instance but one cant be complacent. I am very glad you are not a holocaust denier, I don't EVER take it lightly believe me.

As for the leb government, they wont eradicate the hezbollah as they support it, its that simple.

I don't think there will ever be a resolve, they want Israel and wont live in peace until they have it all. Greed lost them it in the 1st place and it will kill them all in the end, though my wish is that it happens before they kill too many innocent people.

Long but interesting listening....
Very interesting, thanks. It`s so true that Islam is essentially mediaeval....it`s like trying to reason with people who just came through a timewarp.

Incidentally, if you`re worried about the rise of militant Islam in the Middle East, take a look at Africa, where a tide of fundamentalist Islam is sweeping southwards at a great rate. Wait till they join the game !
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