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Sunday, July 30, 2006


Back at last with a renewed laptop - wish I could parcel myself up, post myself off, and come back all fresh and spruced up.

A year - feels like ten - in the showring has not left me feeling like that. Entries in our breed have evaporated - and no wonder. People are voting with their feet. In December 2005 I listed the many types of judge to whose opinion we submit ourselves. Amazingly I can now add two more:

The judge who remembered help with transport
The judge who sold top honours for some straws of semen

An annus mirabilis indeed. And not much to show for it but bus bum, sore knees, and a lot of expense.

What I need is a new hobby. Perhaps just tearing up tenners and throwing them down the nearest drain...? Or something a little more creative?


It just might have to involve quite a few dogs.....
Can I use a copy of your December judges list and the recent two added to email to a friend who I know would appreciate the humour in it.
You`re welcome ! It`s common knowledge anyway.
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