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Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Tess Trueheart is a young bitch, just over a year, and her friend Plush is just a few months older.   Both have recently had the mind-altering experience of a first season.   With very different results.

Tess decided it had all been too much, and became nervy and girly, having the vapours and taildropping in the ring, a problem she didn`t have before.  Plush, on the other hand, who had been a little shy person, suddenly embraced adulthood and announced “I am woman – hear me roar!”  I wondered if one could perhaps cure the other..

I took both to training.  Tess was unsure – Plush full of newfound confidence.

I took Tess out and she dithered and taildropped.  I put her back in the pen and took out Plush who proceeded to do everything perfectly, and was rewarded with lavish praise – and ham.

From the pen came screams of despair and fury.  A very jealous Tess indeed.  She could see it all and was beside herself.   When I got her out, she did it all perfectly, with sideways looks to see if Plush could see her.

Problem solved , thought I, and took both with Angel to a show.
Tess behaved reasonably, and won.   Then I took out Plush – cries of fury and jealousy.   Plush did well, and next was Angel.   And that was the last straw.  I was busy with Angel and did not see what happened next, but I could hear the laughter.  Tess had got out.  And she went down the line of exhibitors, one by one, had a sniff at their feet, then looked up at their faces – “No, you`re not my mum.”  At last she got to me, triumphant and tail-wagging, to receive a distinctly cool reception from Angel and an embarrassed one from me.

Tess is, after all, very young.

Here she is, joining in play with Belle and her 3 puppies, Melanie, Freya and Dancer -

LOL Sure get a kick reading your "tails" of your dogs. Having been at dog shows over here across the pond, I can just see Tess making her rounds!
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