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Saturday, October 25, 2014


As winter slides in, I find I haven`t too many shows, and am taken up with the puppies, which have progressed from the Cute Blob stage to the Run Fast and get Underfoot one.  Unfortunately the  weather doesn`t suit for getting them outside – they have been out, as they must learn that there is a big world out there, and a sky that will not fall on them – so underfoot they are.

Belle Timmy puppies 6 wk
Belle`s 3 - the dog to the left, girls centre and right

They are a quiet crew.  Very like their mum, they seem calm and gentle and even the usual puppy battles are very civilised affairs.  They are devoted knee sitters.   Belle took very well the shock of realising that they were growing up and now very mobile indeed.  She still feeds them – too gentle to tell them that they are getting too old for that kind of thing.

Outside is still not their favourite place, but as the stood still in shock the first time, Solitaire, their grandmother, kept an eye on them.   And then their great – grandmother, Red  Sonja ambled over, washed their faces for them, and told them that they were quite all right, and had nothing to worry about.  She gave me a look that said “Puppies are nice!”  and when I tried to photograph them, (not easy) it was hard to keep her out of the picture, as you see.

Belle Timmy bw bitch photobomb Sonja
Puppy pic photobombed by Great-Gran  Red Sonja

More on puppies to follow!
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