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Friday, August 29, 2014


I still don`t get to so many shows, so it was a treat to be able to get Tess Trueheart to a show which would also feature her brother Sparkle.  I took her on her own, without the support of Plush her best friend or Angel, a born leader, and was unsure how that would  play.  Would she turn into a quivering jelly?

Well, no.  She was a bit puzzled, but I gave her lots of support, and once we got into the ring she looked round and thought “This is what I do!” and swaggered about.  Vast relief.   Even a false fire alarm, which led to a hasty evacuation, didn`t trouble her at all.

BPB - you mean I won
"You mean I won?  Really?"  - Tess 

Meanwhile her brother had behaved impeccably and won his class, and indeed became best Puppy Dog.  When we got to her turn, she was very full of it indeed.  Maybe too full.   Her idea of walking round and showing herself off involves frequent ecstatic leaps up my leg.   Probably a show of affection but highly undesirable.  I shuffled round on my bad knee, trying to keep her feet on the ground and muttering unspeakable things.  How much easier when I used to show Truly and could swear in bad Swedish! 

However, despite all this she became best Puppy Bitch, and so had to compete with her brother. His behaviour, of course was impeccable.   And impeccable wins.   Tess will have to learn that merry frolics in the ring do not please judges.

And then she was reunited with her brother.  She recognised him at once and made friendly overtures.  Would he play?

BP best
Sparkle, totally well behaved

Alas, he also remembered her.  Probably only too well.  I think his main memory might be of how hard she used to bite to keep him in check and discourage his….unwanted overtures, shall we say?  He gave her a dirty look and moved off quickly, looking back to be sure that she didn`t get a sneaky one in from behind.   He probably still feels the draught from those perforations.

A good day for me, though, as it was a win/win situation, with brother and sister competing.

Tess Trueheart came home looking very pleased with herself and immediately went out and applied herself to her favourite hobby – getting really dirty as quickly as possible.
Congratulations Elizabeth! Truly a feather in your cap. How is dear Truly btw?
My usual response to your photos....your puppies are just adorable. Congratulations on winning again, It's no surprise really with those wee faces :)
Truly is well, and has not made any truce with the other bitches.

Belle is expected to have 3 or 4 puppies this week. Puppy watch is on!
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