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Saturday, August 09, 2014


Solitaire is retired.   The KC only allows 4 litters, and she has had 4.   That`s that.   She has been a really good mother too.

But I have to admit that I have occasionally thought how good it would be to repeat the last litter, and perhaps have another Sparkle and another Tess Trueheart .  Just a thought.

Solitaire Mar09
"It`s very relaxing to be retired!" - Solitaire

I mentioned this to another dog person and spoke of what might have been.   “Oh but you can, “ said he;  “My friend had her bitch accidentally caught by a dog, and the KC allowed a 5th litter on appeal”.

“But, “ said I “that would be by her own dog at home.”   And I had a brief but arresting vision of Solitaire, with her little bundle tied on a stick over her shoulder and my railcard firmly gripped between her teeth, eyes shining with anticipation, sneaking out to the station and boarding a train to the north of England, heading for a secret assignation with her previous husband.

Well, Solitaire is an excellent mother, but she hasn`t a romantic bone in her body.  The emotional brief encounter simply isn`t going to happen.   Retired is retired.

And anyway, she doesn`t know where I keep my railcard.
I think that Solitare will really enjoy retirement. Hopefully Marcus does not get any ideas.
Not a chance! Marcus doesn`t know it, but he is also retired. Anyway, he is her father!
I hope that Mr World Domination is aware of both of these important facts!
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