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Monday, October 27, 2014


I was cruising rapidly through Asda, when I was brought up short by this.

Ranch raccoon

I am not much given to junk food.  I gazed at this.  Had I been missing some important trend?  Vermin crisps?  And foreign vermin at that!    Was Macdonald`s now offering Big Rat?   Macweasel Burger?    Was there a KFC Spicy  Fox Bucket?   I really don`t keep up with fast food trends enough.


I looked closer.  “Ranch raccoon with cream cheese”  .  Somehow I couldn`t see the cheese saving it.  I think raccoon ranks (I use the word advisedly) along with stoat, badger and those listed above as meat I would never attempt to eat short of a total collapse of civilisation as we know it.


I will keep an eye on the crisp revolution, though, watching for the Next Big Thing>


“Roadkill Chilli”?

Sometimes a new product is so far off the mark that I wonder whether I'm in one of the "test areas" where they try out new products. That one is almost worth buying just to prove it ever existed.
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