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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Well, things have moved quite quickly here.

Sparkle, who was Best Puppy at the big Scottish show, really impressed the judge.   And the result has been that he is now owned by me in partnership with a top winning kennel.   They will promote him, and get him to a lot of shows I just don`t manage any more, due to distance.    I wouldn`t have done it if there was any doubt about how he would react – but frankly the arrogant little beast is so far up himself that he would settle anywhere.   His main concern is himself and how important he is.   And he is in good hands.

Sparkle  - "How much food have you for me ?"

I would not do this with Tess Trueheart.   She is a Mummy`s girl, and is staying here. 

I handed Sparkle over at a big show down south, where he had just made an important discovery.  Everyone at dogshows has a supply of titbits.  And if you look like Sparkle, people are incapable of resisting, and just hand them over.  By posing, and adopting the sad  Bambi look, he managed to hypnotise quite a few innocent  people into donating their entire food supplies, before moving on quicky to the next hapless donor.

Meanwhile his sister had won  Best Puppy in Breed.  It was her first time on grass, and she loved it, and swaggered about, and despite a tendency to climb up my leg without warning, showed well.  It meant that we had to wait to compete in the Puppy Group.

Tess Trueheart, Best Puppy in Breed 3 counties 14
Tess Trueheart, Best Puppy in Breed

Tess was not at all sure about that.  I took her in and she registered the alarming total absence of Papillons in the big ring.   She was required to stand between two of those Notpap dogs, and she didn`t like it.  She looked at the Minpin puppy with great mistrust, and her tail went down.   To tell the truth, I don`t think she even recognised the Peke on the other side as a dog:  it wasn`t moving, and she may have thought it was just a fur rug which smelt as if a lot of dogs had sat on it.  Her mother had this problem, and the sight of a Notpap dog was enough to make her climb up my leg and suggest with big anxious eyes “Time to go home now!”  Tess is made of sterner stuff, and I hope she will grow out of this.  She was at least willing to walk with tail up.  She did not ask to be picked up and taken home.  I am hopeful.

It looks as if this season`s shows will be very interesting.
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