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Sunday, June 01, 2014


A busy time.  I went down south to judge, and had a surprisingly good time.  This despite having stayed in the only hotel I ever encountered where the TV in your room is password protected.   (However, I have some skill in these matters……)

The weather was awful.  Rain and wind blowing in under the tent, tent flapping and causing many tails to go down.   Very cold indeed, and I decided not to hang about.   We all shivered through the classes, the damp crinkling many of the coats,  and a number of the dogs obviously wishing they were at home, or at least somewhere warm.    I had no trouble finding my best exhibits.

The trouble comes with those which are not, shall we say, the best.   Judging would be easy if there was an outstanding dog in every class…alas, it doesn`t work that way , and often you are left staring in despair at a hopeful selection of very average exhibits.  However, I have had worse.  I was a bit taken aback by a seemingly endless display of dirty teeth, and totally thrown by being presented with two or three fat dogs…actually so fat that  I couldn`t find their ribs.   That

Cupcake res Green Star irish Pap club
Another success for Cupcake
was a first.

However, I was  happy with my winners, happy at  having efficient stewards for once, and even happier to scoot across the rainswept showground for a hot meal.   Now, I have had some amazing meals at shows – and not in a good way.  I remember, not fondly, the cold congealed turkey twizzlers, and the plate of what I can only describe as “something brown and sticky with potatoes”.  But this time we were ushered into a large tent with a full carvery and all the trimmings, and a large fridge full of delectable sweets.  I began to feel better, and a little less likely to die of pneumonia in the next few hours.

I will gloss over the journey home, which featured five different stationary traffic jams and took more than 9 hours.

Now I have to settle to writing up my report.   This is not as straightforward as it sounds.   The KC insists that all comment should be positive.   Sometimes that is hard.  You must not, for instance write “as she was the only one in the class which did not move like a ruptured duck, I forgave her the light eye and long nose.”  (I am very thankful that I didn`t have anything as bad as that this time).  No, you must only pick out the good points….and in 30 words, too.

Meanwhile, my boys in Eire are doing well.  Mr Wag settled well enough to take Best Puppy in Show first time out.   This is despite his Intimate Problem, which has recurred, and is being treated with a saline wash of the member twice a day.    I felt bad about my Irish friend being saddled with this problem, and said so.     Not to worry, she replied, she once had to perform the same treatment on a stallion, and Wag just didn`t compare.

I bet he didnt!
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