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Saturday, June 02, 2012


Captain James T Kirk and I are having problems.

The problems are entirely due to Truly. No surprise there, then.

Now I do collect Hostas. I grow them in containers (against slugs) in the shade of the house, and some do well, and some don`t. Often you have no idea why.

Hostas, which are happy, no-nonsense plants with large colourful leaves, do tend to have unusual names - "Bette Davis` Eyes" springs to mind.

In this case, the problem plant is called "Captain James T Kirk", and the Captain is guilty of producing small, stunted growth.

The Captain`s problem is that Truly is sitting on him. Regularly. Indeed, he is her seat of choice. He makes a really good vantage point for a little person. And constant pressure, even from a small Swedish bum, is doing him no good at all. (Klingons have nothing on our Truly when it comes to causing mayhem.)

He could always ask Scotty to beam her up.

Or just be thankful he is not the plant two containers along, "Fire and Ice", which is also having growth problems.....

Fidget is regularly climbing up to pee on that one.
One so cute should be allowed to park her small derriere where ever she pleases, and if the captain has a problem well, he knows what to do..............
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