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Sunday, April 29, 2012


I discovered from an American dog blog that in a TV interview an American breeder had indicated her Papillons and proudly said that they were her artwork.

I loved it.

I had a look at my gallery, most of which seemed to owe more to Banksie than Rembrandt, and tried not to look too hard at the ones which seemed to have been created by Picasso on a bad day, or a hurried toddler with poor eyesight and magic markers.

They all grinned back at me.

And later that day, due to yet another hole in the fence, my entire portfolio of artwork escaped and hunted rabbits down the field and came back absolutely splattered with mud - all very Jackson Pollock.  (I fear that by then the unlucky bunny would be more a job for Damien Hirst...)

And   after repairing the hole, I had to quickly take aside Fidget who seemed to have the idea that all this arty thing suggested quite a relaxation in morals, and explain that he would not be mating his half-sister.

I can't remember the name of the film, but it was narrated by Kelsey Grammer.

I believe this is it:

thank you!
Fidget does have "ideas!" I hope that he does get a suitable date at the appropriate time. Preferably not a "quickie" with the "wrong" lady.
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