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Sunday, May 13, 2012


All packed up and ready for the midnight bus to another show - and I was taken ill, and couldn`t go.  Angel and Fidget, who had been subjected to the ritual baths and know very well that means an outing, were really puzzled.

Poor Angel, who really loves all the attention that shows bring, is not getting out much this year.  One way and another, it has been a quiet time.....well, quiet for me.   Angel does not do quiet.  Angel has a voice, and likes it to be heard.   She is not alone in this.

Since the great rabbit hunting escape, all the Papillons have lived in a state of even more excitement than usual.   Just as well they didn`t meet the large rather solemn bunny who was on the doorstep when I opened the door this morning:  clearly contemplating ritual suicide by dog.  He legged it, and will never know how close he came to being breakfast for the gang.

The two Chin, on the other hand, are quiet and unadventurous.  Shelby is a student of nature, and would have inspected the rabbit closely.   Ella is only interested in sources of ice cream, cake and chicken, and her experience of manipulating humans would have led her to believe that this furry long-eared object would not be producing any of those any time soon

Here are the gang, having some early morning exercise.


Angel, as you see, is very keen to get rid of all traces of that show bath as soon as possible......

Hope you are now fully recovered and will be fit as a flea for the next show whatever that may be. Love the video - never get tired of seeing Paps at play.
Again just love this video Elizabeth. Feb wee dogs
Thank you - I am recovering. although very annoyed at missing that show.

As you can see, no health problems with the Paps......
Lost track of how many times I've watched this video! It really is FAB (not feb!)
They are always full of it in the morning....in fact, they are always full of it, period. Impossible to tire out a Papillon.
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