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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well, it`s certainly hot enough for summer. Indeed the last 7 days are probably all the summer we will get. I made the most of them, and so did the dogs, relaxing in the shade.

And to add to the effect, the swallows are back. Yet again I can`t use the workshop. There is a small broken window, and by now the outbuilding will be full of nests. It`s out of bounds until the young are flying, preparing for Africa.

I have one solitary. I can`t quite work out what`s wrong, but it sits alone on the roof or the aerial, and doesn`t go hoovering midges with the others. I suspect there is a wing problem.....or perhaps it is the one swllow that doesn`t make a summer....

One thing is missing from this hot late spring. It used to be that the cotoneasters , which are in flower, would be covered in bees, and you could hear the gentle hum from yards away.

Not this year. No bees.

I have had problems with bees in the past, but I really like them. And I miss having them around.

I hope it isn`t a symptom of the world decline in bee populations.

We really need our bees.

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