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Friday, May 18, 2012


We had a day of constant pouring rain (nothing new there, then), and I rushed around getting all the dogs in when the heavens first opened. We settled to a day of rain drumming on the roof and restless dogs, waiting for me to turn the rain off so that they could go outside.

"I had a good day!"


I had a look out to see if there was any easing of the rain. I stood at the door watching it hissing down. And I saw movement in the field.

A soaked little figure was making her way up, coat plastered to her, tail high.

Xena had got out, and no doubt had been after rabbits. In she came, grinning, with tail wagging, splashing me with rainwater. "I had a good time!"

Xena is 14 now, and I seriously doubt that she could run down even a lazy rabbit. What she can do is lurk at a rabbit burrow, waiting for her prey. (Although I must admit the effect is a little spoiled by her tendency to break into heavy panting with excitement and anticipation.) At least she can still strike terror into a bunny,and maybe that is satisfaction enough.

I got her in, and dried. The tail kept wagging. "That was a good day!"

Many more good days for Xena, I hope.
I sincerely hope so. She has such a sweet little face and doesn't look her age at all.
Scaring rabbits is a good plan, Xena.
She has 2 sisters, and they have all decided to live forever, it seems!

Rabbits have always loomed large in her life. And when she was younger, in her diet.
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