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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Allegra gives Velvet and Blanche a power workout......
Is the growling one of the puppies or Allegra? So precious. Beautiful background there too!

The growling is the puppies - they get really worked up about it. The background is just the view from the front door - the puppies are too young to be allowed to wander far from it.
OH, how wonderful. The new puppies and how they toddle along. Absolutely made my morning, thanks!

I bet the puppy shuffle is similar to the kitten shuffle...
Oh jeez, the puppies are just so adorable!
Allegra really seems to be enjoying her puppies! What a good mom! And the little ones look great!

Allegra looks great too! Do your bitches usually blow their coats after having a litter? It doesn't look like Allegra has!
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