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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I have not liked the way comments on the last post have been going while I was away showing this last weekend. If you want to make snide gibes, this is not the place to do it. I am the queen of this particular castle, and while I don`t mind you taking me on ( for I am more than a match for you), I will not have third parties attacked here.

Accordingly comments have been disabled for now, and when they return they will be moderated, which will put an end to any nonsense.
Please can we have another picture of the pups.
I will do my best! It helps if they stand still...
You do as you see fit for your blog. I come to see what you have to say for the week, and enjoy the stories. You entertain my Texas lunchtime. AND, from a distance it all seems so petty anyway. They just don't get that. Who's healthy and happy? that's all that matters. I'm very sad when there isn't something new to laugh with you about.
It's ridiculous that cowards on the internet think it's okay to sully your blog. They need to go outside and get a life.
Well, the dog world is a funny one. I like showing as a day out with my dogs, often an amusing one.

But for some this recreational activity is their whole life, and there are some nasty vicious politics in the mix. I don`t want those to spill over here. I have recently had to suffer accusation by secret letter and public verbal abuse, and I just don`t need any extension of that nonsense here, where I like to maintain a lighthearted tone throughout.

I hope I can go on entertaining people to the best of my abiity.

Those others should go get a life, and reflect on how much psople laugh at big fish in very small ponds.

End of topic. Back to puppies next..
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