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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Of course I watched the Perseids. I got settled outside with a comfortable chair, a radio and a pot of tea, and watched the north-east skies.

The midges were intense. The little pipistrelles swooped back and forth just above my head, hoovering up a midge -feast. Solitaire was parked on my knee, producing the usual unfortunately regular...er..."emissions", surely enough to drive off biting insects (and probably low-flying aircraft). I hoped bats had a very limited sense of smell....

...And of course we saw the meteor shower. Very impressive, until the overcast got too thick. A great spectacle every year, and this time we were so lucky to have clear skies.

It made me resolve to spend more time skywatching.

And if Solitaire wished on a falling star, she kept the wish to herself
We meant to go out and look, but of course in all the routine (!) of weeing dogs for the night, totally forgot. I'm jealous.
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