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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A busy time with puppies. The older ones are running me off my feet, while I try to persuade the younger ones that eating solid food is a Good Idea....Tamara`s daughter is willing to try it, but Fat Bob is determined that his mother will feed him until he is a very old dog, and has decided that those new teeth which arrived out of nowhere are just for testing his sister`s ears with. She is unbearably cute, and manages to convey perfectly just how much she despises him as she poses and flutters her eyelashes.

He has a lot to learn about girls.
We went to the fair again this week and my husband was able to come with us, for the first time. We hit the trained dog show and I pointed out the Papillon. We were way WAY up in the stands so he could hardly see her. Then I informed him that I had asked you at one point if they herded, and if I could possibly use them for the hypothetical sheep I don't have.

There wasn't a dry seat in the house.
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