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Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dionaeas. Venus Fly Traps.

I buy these things evvery year. Theysit and straggle unhapply in the gaarden centre, watered with tap water and poked by children, and I rescue them and give them a life in the sun, up to their armpits in stagnant rainwater. I can keep them going for two years - never a third. They flex their little traps and catch everything that flies. This time of year I can go out and think they have grown long black hair....no, they have been catching harvestmen and daddy long legs - they can`t manage to enclose the legs which stick out of the traps and wave.....

Yesterday I came out and saw one of them try to take off. The little pot was jumping up and down with all the traps flapping about. I went over.

The little plant had eaten a wasp.

Now wasps are not only big buggers - they are chewing insects, and can readily eat their way out. Usually.

But this one had been trapped with its head sticking out - no purchase for the jaws. However, it was determined to fly out of its predicament taking the plant with it if necessary. The tiny plant hung on like grim death as it buzzed and flapped.

Gravity is hard to beat.

Eventually the wasp stayed for dinner.
Nice one. The final sentence has a sort of shivery effect on the spine!
As gruesome as your post was, it was an enormous hit with my kids.

Hope the bitch and pups are well. Too bad about the c-section. Fat, squishy babies of any ilk are fun to see, though. Thanks for the entertaining posts! Cami
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