Saga of a woman old enough to know better who lets her life be governed by the ridiculous hobby of breeding and showing dogs, musing on life, the twenty first century, Cameron and his mini-me, and the occasional sheep.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


.....to all the kind readers of this blog who have been so downright nice about it. It means a lot to know that the people on the receiving end really like it and come back for more.

Someone asked why I do it all - dogs and writing and the rest. Well...um...some of it is really habit and almost a way of lfe by now. I like what I do, and although I don`t know how long I`ll be able to go on, especially with the travelling, I have no plans to stop just yet. My cousin`s partner is judging Crufts in 2011, and I have been invited to judge a major championship show in 2010....well, we decided, we will have to live at least that long. So there you are - dog showing keeps you going ! But does it keep you young..............?

Please don`t answer that one.
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