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Thursday, August 09, 2007

That had better be a food dish in your hand - not another rubber glove......
She does look a bit wild-eyed and dishevelled :) As befits a new mother, I guess.
Who was the papa that caused such misery for the poor mama?
The handsome papa is called Leo and believe me when I tell you mama was as keen as mustard at the time!
She's a PRETTTY girl! Even in such a state! Love your paps...and a Chin! I ALMOST went there....maybe one day.

I have 3 papillons, one is a champion/CD and the other 2 are in obedience. I am thrilled to follow your adventures.

Please visit me and meet my collie (someday I'll write about my adventures in Scotland looking for collies!!) and my papillons. . I'll post a photo of our handsome Gus. We've just decided to go public!


I'll be back.
Elizabeth as well..calling herself "e"
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