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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, I`m getting there. On Saturday I made it to a party - well kind people took me there and brought me back and I didn`t have to do much beyond eat good food and look pale and interesting.

It was the 21st of one of my cousin`s boys. He has completed an economics degree and is taking a year out to see if he can make it as a pro golfer . We had an excellent get-together and a fine meal.

There was a cake in the shape of a golfbag. There was also a lot of small children. They were fascinated by the cake - they picked at it, they poked it, they broke over it like a wave. Not too many adults were eventually drawn to taste the cake....

As one of the elders present at an event like this it`s really expected that you will provide good advice for one setting out on life. I rose to the occasion as always, and found myself suggesting that one should sell one`s soul to buy Tesco shares and giving lots of pointers on how to disguise your online identity while doing illegal downloads.

The birthday boy wants to take 3 of us older ones out for a "lovely day to remember". Alas, he has let slip that the reason for the trip is that he doesn`t expect us still to be there when he gets back from the year`s golfing adventure, and he will be the one doing the remembering. The three of us are amazingly unimpressed by this effort to bury us quickly and I think if we do go we will set our minds to really giving him something to remember....

Knowing the three of us, maybe a night in the cells....?
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