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Thursday, October 26, 2006


It`s only autumn and already I`m laid up with another chest infection, wheezing in time to the seasonal gale outside. It was brought on by a rash visit to a local show when I already wasn`t at my best, and led to a visit to my usual quack on Tuesday afternoon.

Waiting for the prescription to be filled, I nipped into the local cafe for a tuna pannini and coffee.

I gazed out at the rain and ate and coughed. And coughed. Fortunately the place was empty.

The owner came over and made solicitous remarks and we discussed the possibility that it was Going Round at the moment and that Everyone Seemed to Have It These Days. I coughed some more.

When I got up to leave he rushed over with a container.

"I brought you some soup to take away. It was just going to waste."

Horribly embarrassed, I hurried out, feelng that somehow the words "Old bag lady" were stencilled on my back and that I wasn`t long for this world.

But on the way home I thought - what might have happened if I had done my coughing in the bank.....?
If it was good soup I'd have taken it happily and scuttled off into the night. I think perhaps I'm already an old bag lady and just don't know enough to be embarrassed about it.

I always ask the bank if they've got free samples. They don't think I'm funny any more.
I hope you get better soon, Elizabeth! I would have taken the soup were I you, though - especially if it was good! :)
Before the cough wears off I`m going up to town to try it on in Versace and Prada, and we`ll just see....
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