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Monday, September 25, 2006


I`m off to a wedding today. It`s Amanda`s second - I seem to remember her first marriage lasting all of five minutes -could it be that I`m getting a tad cynical...?

Another guest phoned me and we discussed What To Wear at length.

"Are you doing the Hat Thing?" she asked.

I assured her I wasn`t. (You don`t want ever to see me in a hat.)

"I`m certainly not doing the Hat Thing." she said. "Not for Amanda`s second attempt."

I suggested that she made it sound a bit like a driving test.

"Amanda was much better at driving" she said firmly.

"We should leave the Hat Thing to her mother, " I proposed.

"Yes - we could do with a laugh at this junket."

I have a feeling that at the reception bets will be taken openly and loudly on the probable duration of the vows. Watch this space for a full report.
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