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Friday, January 15, 2016


It wasn`t a great idea for the fox to hang about on the doorstep.   When the pack came out and virtually touched noses with him, he was off and so were they.   A scruffy, muddy looking fox, but it had a fair turn of speed.   Off through the undergrowth, and after him the pack in full cry.

I knew the condition I would get them back in.   I was not disappointed.   Back they trailed in twos and threes, uniformly covered in mud.  

Angel slunk in last.   She was so covered in twigs and bits of conifer that all that was needed was a set of lights and a tinsel star for her to pass for a minute four legged  Christmas tree.   She was completely unrepentant and not at all helpful as I tried to remove the miniature forest , branch by branch.  She had
collected them, and she would keep them.

Angel June 2013
Angel sulking

Done at last and off she went to sulk.   Angel, you must understand is truly and hopelessly spoiled, and sleeps round my neck like a furry scarf.  (Fortunately she has not inherited her mother Solitaire`s interesting habit of…scenting the room frequently).    She is totally arrogant, and is the only one not impressed by Plush having a family.

Plush, however, is quite enjoying the respect that being a mother earns for her from the others.  Being a mother makes you important in the eyes of the pack.   And she is doing really well.   The two boys are now so big and fat that I would hesitate to weigh them in case they broke my little scales.  And they are amazingly similar – might as well be twins.    I will be interested to see whether the similarity increases as they grow up.

Meanwhile the weather is cold, and all is calm and quiet here.
When one is as gorgeous as Angel one is inclined to have an inflated opinion of ones importance in the scheme of things!Adorable little Madam!
You have written about your Sparkle being a 'dirt magnet' so I can only wonder how he came through the 'fox extravaganza'- I too have a spoiled and self-entitled little lady who would consider the bits of leaf and the evergreen remnants to be adornments to cherish (in other words, she would be most displeased with the required de-vegetation process)-

All regards to you and the pretty ones there-
Barb in Texas
Angel is quite a character! I am happy to read that Plush and the boys are doing well.
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