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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


And off we went, heading into the dark motorway at 2am on the intrepid dogbus.   Tess Trueheart and Sparkle had never been on a bus before, but fortunately they decided to suffer in silence.  The dog which gives you a running commentary on the journey, or decides to sing you the songs of his people, is not well loved on a bus at night.

I managed on and off with all the parphenalia of showing, which was a relief, and we were allowed to park next to the entrance.  Right inside was the Papillon ring, with toilets and a coffee stall conveniently at hand.   I decided I  might enjoy this.

Well, given that winter draws on, Sparkle , after due consideration has decided it is time to cast his coat.  He showed impeccably, but we moved down the ring in our own personal snowglobe as he showered hair impartially on all ( and especially on the judge).   The judge was not appreciative. 

Sparkle evidently didn`t care.  He is convinced that he will look good naked, a mistake made by many males.   He will be sexting next.

Sparkle stands Aug15
"I`m so beautiful I don`t need a coat!"   Sparkle

Tess Trueheart, who loves to be outdoors, showed with her usual daft enthusiasm and was 2nd.  Both were having a really good time.   They adore shows – sometimes I wonder why, especially when I am tired and trying not to think about the journey home. They have no such worries.

Much gossip to catch up on, quiet amusement about that judge who bought a title, and a great deal of comment  - not about the judging, but the toilets.  Clean, scented with vacuum flush, sweet music and pot plants.  That this created a sensation should tell you a lot about what dog show toilets are usually like…and how much they mean to exhibitors.   I will not go  into details.  Suffice it to say that in one region the provider of toilet facilities is a Mr Pew, and that name is highly appropriate.

Safe home, but very late, already thinking about the next show, across the Irish Sea.   I will see Mr Wag and Cupcake again, and Melanie is going, possibly to stay.   As she is inclined to throw up when she even catches sight of a car, I have great worries about the ferry and have laid in a stock of pills.  The whole thing will be a huge culture shock for her.

I`ve told her it will be a Great Adventure.
Maybe Sparkle wants to start a new category at dog shows, "nudist."
Sparkle IS stunning. I'm sure he's of the "If you've got it, flaunt it" school of thought.
I have had serious words with Sparkle. I have promised to shame him in a pink fluffy winter coat with "I`m a Barbie girl" embroidered on it if he doesn`t shape up and provide his own winter insulation...
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