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Wednesday, April 08, 2015


I haven`t blogged here for quite a while, and the main reason has been Allegra.   She is my very favourite of all the dogs, and she is having a struggle with lymphoma.  She had an operation, then treatment at home, but a sudden collapse sent me to the vet, thinking this was the end of the road.  But he took her in, and after five days of intensive care she swaggered out, a bit unsteady but very full of it as usual .   The vet had not expected her to live.

Allegra head 07 2
"I`m still here!"  - Allegra

Well, not for the first time, Allegra had cheated death again.  Years ago she had a bad accident, and a miraculous recovery after being given 24 hours to live.   Then last year she collapsed with a liver problem.  The vet treated her, and when I brought her back was astonished.  “You mean she`s still alive?”  I assured him she was feeling a lot better.  “Well, not sure what I did right – but let`s do the same again”.  Allegra responded brilliantly.

This time it is a cancer, but I am assured that it is a very treatable one in dogs.  And again the irrepressible Allegra is responding well so far.  She is eating ravenously, growing coat – and, much to my disgust, has decided to come in season.   At the moment she has no intentions of dying off….she is more interested in having sex -  either with her father, or Shelby, she has decided.  I am having to keep a close eye on the invalid. 

If it was up to Allegra, there would be no problem.   She has decided to live forever!
i am always so glad when you post- your dogs bring me smiles and such joy- good wishes for Allegra's continued recovery-

Thank you - I don`t usually post about the downside of having dogs, but Allegra has taken up a lot of my time and thought recently. I can only hope she recovers - but she has the strongest will to live!
Come on Allegra, you can do it girl. Big hugs xxx
Sending good thoughts Allegra's way. Thank you for posting, Elizabeth.
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