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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Yes, I am recovering from a hit and run accident.  It was quite a shock and I am still treating the bruises.  The driver didn`t stop and careered on.  The whole of
Asda was appalled.

"Mum was knocked down by a  WHAT?" - Sparkle  

Yes, Asda.  I was knocked down in the vegetable aisle in Asda.  The perp was an ancient guy in a mobility scooter.  He drove at full speed into me, and I fell into the potato racks.   If you are looking for a soft landing, I advise you to avoid potatoes, which are very….unforgiving, shall we say.  He then crushed me against the display as he drove on past.
I was quickly surrounded by willing helpers, 3 of them also on mobility scooters.  Those three were furious.  “He was speeding!  He has no right to be in charge of a scooter!  Get security!  Have him thrown out!”  They set off to get security and have the old boy nicked, as the others offered tea and lots of sympathy.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see the security boys searching…

I shopped and got home before the bruising really kicked in.  One side became terribly stiff and sore.   I could  see my  bruises recording the impacts of several  particularly vicious individual potatoes . 

I suppose this contradicts the usual assumption of the unspeakable boredom of supermarket shopping.

I`ll settle for the boredom.

And keeping one eye on the potatoes.
Oh my goodness! I hope you get well soon! :o
Thank you, but not to worry. I always bounce back - slow bounce these days, though.
Bloomin heck Elizabeth I hope you're ok? Bailey and I send hugs xx
These scooters can be a nightmare. I read recently of a man who was banned from every Sainsburys for similar incidents. Maybe he's changed supermarkets lol

Wow, hope you're feeling better, Elizabeth! I was laughing helplessly at your droll description even though what you went through was pretty shocking!
Thank you, everyone - I am quite OK now. I`ll be a lot more cautious shopping!
Oh no!! I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt.

Damn potatoes.
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