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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


A quiet slide into autumn, with not much excitement here.   I always feel winter is near when my yearly order of coal arrives, and that was today.  Only 2 tons this time, as last winter was mild (as I hope this one will be!)  Hard winters here involve being snowed in, and possibly towing in supplies on a sledge if it gets really bad.

Meanwhile the sun shines, and I heaved the shiny new tarp over about 3 tons of  coal. Wild excitement from the dogs.  They screeched at the Big New Thing, and had hysterics when Solitaire decided to investigate it and only discovered how shiny it was when she slid off, landing on her ample bottom and
looking very embarrassed.

Sparkle Tess Plush ready for home Leeds15
My show team ready for home - Sparkle, Plush and Tess Trueheart

Shortly now Dancer and Melanie will be off to new homes, where I hope they will settle.  Dancer`s one brain cell will be working overtime when faced with such a big change, and I hope he will cope.

And I have just a few shows left this year.  I am off to one on the dreaded Dog Bus, which I haven`t attempted for a long time.  I just hope I can physically manage it.  My show team, Sparkle, the dirt magnet,   Tess Trueheart the happy airhead, and Plush the capable, have no doubts at all.  They are, as always, very full of it.   I hope for a better result with Tess than last time out, when her worst fears were realised – when I asked her to walk down the mat, 15 huge golden retrievers  in the next ring turned as one and stared at her.  Like her mother, Tess produced the predictable reaction – climb up my leg and ask to go home – now!  But there should be no big dogs this weekend, and it will be outdoors, which she likes.     And Sparkle and Plush couldn`t care less if there were velociraptors in the next ring.    We shall be hopeful.  Pointless confidence is the true mark of the dog shower.  The next show will be The One…

Well, maybe.
good luck with 'the show team' and here's wishing you and all the dogs a happy successful autumn and a mild winter-

it's always so good to see your pics and posts-
barb in texas
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