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Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Last month Solitaire made another, probably her last, visit to an attractive young dog.

That is to say, I thought he was attractive, but Solitaire, you may remember, has found sex one of the biggest disappointments of her life. I think she had sussed what the occasion of this visit was, and was far from her usual sociable self. She took a look round the room she had been brought to, and promptly glued herself to my knee. Her face had the well-known "Solitaire go home now?" expression.

The dog appeared, and her worst fears were realised. He was accustomed to work on a table, but the sight of Solitaire`s ample charms drove all thoughts of furniture from his mind, and, much to her disgust, the deed was soon done, on the floor. When released, she shot into her travelling box, clearly expecting to be off. But she was to stay, for more romantic experiences, and we said our goodbyes and left, telling her to be "a good girl."

After we had gone, her hostess thought that she should go out to relieve herself. She was released into the well fenced garden and the lady left her for a moment. When she came back out for her, the garden was empty.


And then she happened to look up.

And saw Solitaire`s mature fat furry bottom just disappearing over the top of the high fence. I had forgotten to tell her that Solitaire can climb. And Solitaire had had enough. Sex with a stranger, abandoned in a strange place - she wanted her mum. Like her favourite film star, Lassie, Solitaire was coming home.

She had to spend the rest of her honeymoon in a secure kennel and run, much to her disgust. And when we were at last reunited, at a show, she was ecstatic, and danced her happy dance for me.

I missed her too. She will not be leaving me again.
I think Miss Solitaire will be very happy sitting on your knee watching someone else deal with puppies.
She may well have her own puppies after this encounter, but she will never be left away from home again. I didn`t realise how much it would upset her. She means a lot to me, and will be staying at home in future.
I love the survival skills of your Paps. Seems like they all have fascinating personality quirks. Best - Hester
No greater survivors than Papillons! And they are all bursting with personality.

Mind you, whether Solitaire would actually have found her way home is another matter....

I`m glad she didn`t get to try.
Bless her, it just shows you how much you mean to her too. Hope the mating proves to be fruitful and that the fruits are show stoppers.
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