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Saturday, March 03, 2012


I had forgotten about the can of chainsaw oil sitting outside the garage. Time had not overlooked it, and it had at last sprung a little leak.

The only one to find it was Angel. She must have sat beside it and soaked her tail. Of course it spread through the coat, and a very oily little bird sauntered in, leaving me totally puzzled and the floor distinctly shiny.

And as it turned out, she must have wagged that tail in close proximity to lots of other dogs. Cue a day of bathing dogs, and very free use of Fairy liquid. I have to admit that Angel is still just a bit...well, greasy in patches. No, she doesn`t care.

There is nothing quite like a really affectionate oily puppy.

Fidget escaped the oil, but not the bathing. Crufts looms this week, and a couple of industrial strength baths await him, to say nothing of the final glamour dip with the American shampoo, the French one and the French conditioner, before the long road south.

I think if he knew, he would opt for the oil.
Angel will have a nice 'slick' coat then??
Good luck at Crufts Fidget, I'll be watching for you
Hopefully, the oil will help Angel look even more ravishing. Is this the new secret for a show dog's shinny coat?
I think the oil does more for the chainsaw than it ever could for the dogs` coats!

I don`t expect to do well at Crufts, but I will enjoy my day out with Fidget.
I hope that the chainsaw oil was clear and not the awful black color. Wasn't it nice for Angel to share it with the others? Enjoy your day at Crufts. I hope Fidget does not get intimidated by a hat display.
Nice clear oil! Eventually I will get it all off...

Meanwhile Fidget has just come out of the second of his 3 baths. Fortunately he doesn`t really care.
Good luck at Crufts, and I hope you and Fidget have a lovely day!
Thank you - I`m off down tonight, and will give a report when we get back.
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