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Monday, February 13, 2012


Not much going on here that I would want to blog about.

I am still trailing off to the hospital every day for treatment, which makes me very tired .

Allegra lost her litter, and I am trying to build her up again.

Angel goes from strength to strength. At 6 months, she has decided that she is very much the superior being, and drives the adults to distraction. They all take to higher ground, and perch up on the backs of chairs and sofas, looking very sour indeed, while she prances about and pesters her long-suffering mother, who rolls her eyes at me- "see what I have to put up with!".

However, there will soon be a big change in her life. Her show career begins next week. Angel hits the ring this weekend.

And then we will see.
I am sorry that you need to go to the hospital every day for treatment. I hope it works, and that you are feelng better soon.
Angel does cute quite well. I hope that she does well in the show ring.
Take care and I hope that you feel better very soon.
I assume that Angel's brother is still being "windy" in his new home, and she does not miss him at all.
Very sorry that the hospital trek continues, as I know how tiring that can be. Apart from any other consideration, it means that the day is so broken up that nothing is achieved, which is very frustrating. Disappointed for you that Allegra lost her litter but hope she has suffered no ill effects from the loss.
Good luck with Angel. When is her first public appearance at a show?
Angel's a wee beauty Elizabeth, I'm sure she'll win many hearts at the show. Bailey's every bit as handsome in his own way and spoiled rotten!
I hope you are well soon, I know that daily hospital trek and it's exhausting :(
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