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Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Well, really I think I deserved a much bigger rosette. With glitter, and a lot of bling"

Well done Angel. You deserved to win you're soooo gorgeous
Angel says "Thank you - of course you are quite right. I deserve to win everything!"

I think she may find it a little harder than that - but she loves doing it, and will have great fun.
I think the much bigger rosette with glitter and bling might be adorning your home soon with many more to follow! Only what a gorgeous Diva deserves!! I love hearing about her and all your dogs
Is Angel requesting a rosette that is larger than she is? Should the glitter and bling be so bright that might be blinding if the light was "just right"? Despite the little diva's preferences, I say "Good Job, Angel"!
Angel would like a rosette MUCH larger than herself. Also the presence of TV cameras and a spot on prime time news.
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