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Sunday, January 29, 2012


A long time since the last post, simply because nothing remotely amusing has been happening. January has been pretty dire.

But, apart from the leaking roof, Christmas day spent with a tin of ham and peas and a collapsed ceiling, various illnesses, there is always Shelby.

Shelby enters deeply into the Christmas and New Year spirit. There is so much interesting food on the go. And people are lax with it.....it is so easy to steal.

Now I should explain that some foods which we take for granted are actually poisonous to dogs. Chocolate can cause fits. Currants and raisins are lethal. So are onions.

We can dispose of the onions first. Shelby loves onions, and in his time has disposed of lots of them, with no lethal effects whatsoever.

I remember the first time he stole half a chocolate bar, with one gulp of that enormous PacMan mouth. I stared at him intently, waiting for him to fit. He stared right back, waiting for the other half of the chocolate bar....

And at the festive season, I was given a heavily fruited cake. It was delicious. I had some, then was distracted by the phone. When I turned back, Shelby had demolished most of the rest of it.

I was seriously alarmed. I thought of trying to make him throw up, but was a bit hesitant about trying to do this to a flatface. I looked at him. He swaggered about, shedding crumbs.

And then he came over and put a paw on my knee. I stared into his eyes. Was he asking for help? Was he even....saying goodbye?

I looked deep into the big gentle eyes. And suddenly I could read their message.

"How much more of that wonderful cake do you have?"

I am sorry that you have had such a difficult month. Shelby seems to have a strong constitution to eat all of those forbidden foods. After a very expensive raisin incident (no permenant harm), I keep some Hydrogen Peroxide on hand. I believe that the dose to induce vomiting was 1mL per pound of dog. It worked very quickly, although the mess was not nice to clean up.
I normally use salt - 1 flat teasponful on the back of the throat.

I cannot explain Shelby`s cast-iron stomach and constitution. He can, and has, eaten anything. Even hot chili. I have never before had a dog like that.
Once upon a time my Aunt had a bassett hound. Said hound was a huge dog. She had put a 2 lb box of See's Candy in the middle of the king sized bed, thinking no dog could get to it. She then locked the bedroom door. When she and her family got back, the bassett hound (named Fred, I think) had gotten into the bedroom door, eaten all the chocolate and was snoozing peacefully in the middle of the bed. He had no ill effects whatsoever from his chocolate adventure. Some dogs are just lucky. Hester
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