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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, here I sit,really trying for some optimism about the new year to come.

My roof is leaking dreadfully, having suddenly got much worse under the constant torrential rain we are having, and of course nothing happens in the building trade till next week. Meanwhile the water pours in.

All my girls are looking really well though. I`m beginning to think I was really rash to mate them, though - well, not all of them, of course, but it has been a long time since I did more than one litter at a time.

There have been some bad moments with them. too.

Yesterday, in the pouring rain, all came in but Prudence. No Prudence. The others all crashed into their beds in a hurry.

Out I trailed into the monsoon, calling and calling. How could anything be stupid enough to stay out in this? The soaking fields were empty, even of birds. Nothing moved but the rain.

Back in, ready to summon help to find her. All dogs quiet...except for Camilla, who was restless and growly.

I had a thought. I hauled her out. There, cowering behind her, was Prudence. She shot out, panic all over her. She gave me a look that said "NO, I don`t know why I did that, and I was really scared, and I need my own bed, now!" She rushed in beside her friend, Sonja.

Sonja is another problem. The dear old thing is stone deaf, and this leads to problems.

A short time ago, when I was letting everyone out in the morning, Prudence ran out, but Sonja didn`t stir. Not a move. I gave her a poke....nothng. She is old, and I thought she must have just gone in the night.

I was very sad and went and sat for a bit, thinking over the times we had had. Then I pulled myself together and went to deal with the problem.

Sonja just lay there. I had to get her out, and got hold of a leg and tail and pulled....

and the corpse sat up, very indignant. Why was I pulling her tail? Where was her dinner? Couldn`t an old lady sleep in, just for once?

She sauntered off, leaving me in a state of shock.

Never a dull moment with Papillons
Happy New Year! I hope that you get your roof repaired soon. Raining indoors must be a nuisance ... almost as bad as being snowed in.
Sonja "sleeping" must have been quite a shock, but I am glad that she was just napping.
When are the the puppies due? I enjoy reading about their adventures and seeing the photos.
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